world saved by western womanHi, I’m Kirsty Greenshields. You’re probably here because you feel or hear a calling to make your life LARGER than it is right now – to make it more meaningful. You might feel like you’re not living to your full potential, but you have no idea what your full potential even looks like! (But you know you’re ready to have a crack at trying to discover it!)




However you’ve arrived here, know you’ve ARRIVED AT THE RIGHT PLACE! You’ve opened a door. Now you can decide whether you would like to take a step through.

If you want to take a step through the door, I’ll be waiting just on the other side.



I will help you discover your GIFTS as a WOMAN, so you can embrace your own personal style of FEMININE LEADERSHIP and MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman” ¬†– His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama



Me and my eldest daughter, Abigail. It's not easy to get a photo with her these days!


For the past 10 years, as a naturopath and wellbeing consultant, I have been working with clients to:

  • overcome depression and chronic anxiety
  • relieve debilitating pre-menstrual symptoms
  • shed kilos they have been trying to remove for years
  • kick unhealthy habits
  • exponentially improve their energy levels

Now, as the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Centre For Resilient Leadership, it is my mission not just to help women OVERCOME YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIMITATIONS, but also to work with you to …





In 2013 I finished writing, and published¬†Women Money and Intimacy. It is about me, and it’s about you. And I wrote it because I believe, as women, we have burned ourselves out for too long, trying to fit in to this MASCULINE world of COMPETITION, and believing we can’t have what we want.


I’ve been writing blogs and articles for websites and magazines for years and now I want to share my story, warts and all, with the purpose of inspiring YOU to create your own life of wealth, health and happiness, rather than continuing a life of struggle.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, head to the Women Money and Intimacy page, where you can also watch a great interview about the book.


First, I’d like to invite you to download your FREE GIFTS to the right. You’ll get a 60 minute audio interview, “The Five Tips To Remove Your Suit Of Armour”, a FREE Chapter of “Women Money and Intimacy” – “You, Your Heart And Your Suit Of Armour” and my latest offering “Your Gift Of Feminine Leadership”.


You can find out more about me here.